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Albeit the sister courses of Royal New Kent and Stonehouse are just a 15 minutes-divide, they are really miles separated as far as character, character and what a golf player ought to hope to encounter. The twin courses are altogether different from one another.

Regal New Kent is set upon the low slopes between Diascund Creek and Chickahominy River, among Williamsburg and Richmond, Virginia. Whenever the Royal New Kent opened in 1997, it was named the “Best New Upscale Public Course in the Nation” by Golf Digest magazine. In 1999 Golf Digest named it one of “America’s main 100 biggest greens.”

Regal New Kent is 7,372 yards of desolate, rough however wonderful scene. This course has been alluded to as “the most genuine portrayal of an Irish connections in America.” The shaped fairways request a couple of visually impaired shots that should add to the tomfoolery and uniqueness of the entire experience. The Par 72 plan of the green highlights over fortifications, large numbers of which are profound and fixed with grass. The greens have strong edges and each offers several different playing choices.

To match the exclusive expectations set by course the Royal New Kent additionally offers top notch comforts to golf players and their visitors like a full help bar, lounge areas, gathering offices, practice offices and a star shop.

The Stonehouse course was opened in the spring IT services Kent of 1996 and has been positioned the 6th best course in the territory of Virginia by Golf Digest. This course likewise got Golf Digest’s “Best New Upscale Course” grant in 1996, the prior year sister course Royal New Kent won a similar honor.

Albeit the two courses are found only 15 minutes separated on a stretch of Interstate 64 among Richmond and Williamsburg, the twin courses are seas separated. Stonehouse is actually a mountain-style course that doesn’t upset any of the regular scene.

Playing at the course one can’t resist the urge to feel the remarkable climate of the spot that has simply gone to fuel the various reports about the property’s past. They range from fabulous stories about the notorious privateer Blackbeard covering his fortunes some place solidly in the center of where the course stands today to more conceivable stories that say Virginia people legend Nathaniel Bacon involved Stonehouse as his safe-house.

In any case, no gossip can detract from Stonehouse, extremely exceptional allure and one of a kind elements will undoubtedly be delighted in by any golf player.